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Tools to live a life that is the highest expression of you

Working with me is about much more than talk therapy. This is about uncovering and understanding what is driving unconscious behaviour and thought patterns, so you can then free yourself of those limiting beliefs or long-held trauma. With that release comes resilience, self-worth and a greater sense of purpose.

My approach is to support you to comfortably pass through internal roadblocks to reach new destinations, typically within one to three sessions. You are not reliving past trauma or having to share with me your darkest secrets. Much of the tools and techniques are there to guide you gently using your own internal resources to overcome and reframe behaviours quickly, allowing you to pursue new destinations and horizons with ease, almost immediately.

You might be struggling with…

Stress and Anxiety

Life moves fast, and in our busy modern lifestyles, there are many inputs to process. Not surprisingly, this can lead to feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety. High pressure careers, difficult professional relationships or leadership challenges could be amplifying these feelings of overwhelm, disconnection, or lack of focus or motivation. Together, we’ll create a winning, high-performance mindset that allows you to feel more resilient, confident and empowered in the workplace.


Change can be confronting, especially when it feels out of our control. Often our identity is so linked in with our career, it can be hard to separate yourself from feelings of rejection and imagine life beyond a redundancy. However, this can be an opportunity for positive change; I’ll help you rediscover your true passion and get clear on your ambitions, so you can confidently transition into a new career with purpose.

Lack of confidence

Chances are you have a desire and drive to excel, but you’re still critical, self-deprecating of your own performance, worried about meeting expectations, or fear judgement, failure and criticism. But playing small doesn’t serve you, especially when it comes to creating a career with purpose and fulfilment. If you’re feeling stuck, overlooked or hesitant to put yourself ‘out there’, I can help you overcome those fears, the imposter syndrome and the self-sabotage and lead you towards a deeper trust and belief in yourself.

Workplace relationships

Difficult professional relationships, bullying or leadership challenges can begin to impact on your own self-worth. If you’re feeling overlooked, under-valued or that your contribution is consistently challenged, being able to confidently and more efficiently communicate with others can help. I’ll support you in reframing new thoughts and behaviours that will empower you to show up authentically and courageously in your role.

Loss of identity

Are you moving through the world without a true sense of fulfilment? Do you sometimes wake up in the morning wondering: is this it? When we feel out of alignment with our true sense of self, we can lose interest in life, struggle to stay motivated and experience feelings of inadequacy. I’ll show you that it is possible to find your true purpose, to feel satisfied, and to contribute to the world with impact as your authentic self.

Your mind is powerful; let’s use it to create positive change

Your mind is powerful; let’s use it to create positive change

Here’s how we can work together:

How it works:

1. Book your free discovery call

Fill out the booking form and you’ll be sent the link to book your discovery call right away, we can have our chat over Zoom or phone call.

2. We talk about how I can help and if my sessions are right for you

I answer any questions you may have and find out what you’d like to achieve.

3. We work towards positive change

We schedule your first session and start our work together. Sessions can be held virtually over Zoom or in-person at my clinic in Birkenhead, Auckland.

Therapy sessions include:

- NLP, hypnotherapy, ESI mapping and coaching

- Pre-session assessment to discuss your goals and personalise your experience

- One 90 minute session in person or virtually over zoom

- A personalised audio recording (to reinforce the work we do)

- Free follow up

$120 per session

Split payments available

Your journey to clarity and confidence starts with a phone call

This free discovery call is a chance for you to ask questions about how these sessions work, and for me to find out more about you, so that I can provide you with a programme that best supports your needs.