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Discover the wisdom within and rise to your potential

I help you find clarity and confidence, so you can create a fulfilling life lived with purpose and authenticity.

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You already have everything you need within yourself to be successful in your career, to be an inspiring leader, to influence change, and to achieve your goals. Right now, it might not feel like that.

Workplace dynamics, difficult relationships, stress or anxiety, your own sense of self-worth, imposter syndrome - these are all things that could be holding you back from building a career and living a life that truly feels in alignment with who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

And while those things might seem like the problem, the solution really starts by understanding and resolving what’s happening inside you.

I’ll help you become aware of limiting beliefs and behaviours that are preventing you from creating the reality you desire and deserve, using hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP techniques.

Discover life-enhancing strategies that allow your thoughts to support you, rather than control you

The techniques I employ can help to redefine the imprints and narratives that control your journey. You already have the capacity to achieve everything you want - I just help you rediscover that wisdom, ignite an empowered mindset and help you reconnect with your authentic self.

My goal is to help you build greater resilience, achieve deeper focus in your work, reduce anxiety, understand your self-worth and move through your life with clarity and self-realisation.

Work with me
Hypnotherapist, nlp & reiki practitioner Suzie Hoskin in her clinic in Birkenhead, Auckland

I’m Suzie Hoskin

I am driven to empower people to live their true purpose

With a background in employment relations and change management, I’ve spent my career supporting others through challenges, change and conflict. This led me to discovering the transformative impact that NLP and hypnotherapy can have.

Whether you want to move forward in your career, overcome difficulties in the workplace, confidently return to work or navigate change, or you simply want to feel more clear, confident and purposeful in the way you work and engage with others, I can help.

I had three sessions with Suzie. Each session was tailored to my individual requirements that day, it wasn’t a one size fits all approach. Suzie took time to engage with me, and really get to the bottom of what I was feeling and why. She gave me tools to use outside our sessions which have helped me with anxiety. Suzie is an empathetic person and I felt safe and comfortable opening up. Our sessions were online but I felt as if I was sitting in the room with her. Suzie sent me a tailored recording at the end of our sessions. I listen to the recording most nights, her voice is so soothing it relaxes me and sends me off into a deep and calm sleep. I highly recommend Resiliency.
Client testimonial: Female 40s, Auckland
My 10 year old was struggling with moving to a new place and new school.  Suzie did a beautiful hypnosis for her that helped her stay calm and cope with her anxieties.  I would highly recommend Suzie to any parent whose children are facing struggles.
Client testimonial: Mother of 10 Y/O struggling with anxiety, Christchurch
I struggle with anxiety in everyday life and find hypnosis a powerful tool to address the underlying causes of the anxiety.  If you want to improve your mindset I would highly recommend some sessions with Suzie. As well as being a highly powerful way to address issues you are dealing with, hypnosis is a lovely relaxing experience and Suzie is a very supportive and skilled hypnotherapist.
Client testimonial: Female 40s, Christchurch
I was really nervous about a big interview.  I did a one hour session with Suzie the night before and found I was confident and calm at my interview the next day and I got the job!! If you need help coping with performance anxiety before a big presentation or interview, Suzie can help.
Client testimonial: Female mid-40s, Christchurch

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